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Legal advisor

legal advisor

The legal counsel services currently provided are divided into the following two categories:

1. The service content of the perennial legal counsel includes:

​Regulatory consultation;

provide legal advice;

Contract drafting and modification;

Litigation and other ad hoc matters;

and intellectual property protection.

2. The service content of the comprehensive consultant includes:

Legal counsel for business operations (corporate governance and business strategies, internal and external business transactions of the enterprise, and settlement of commercial transaction disputes)

Patent consultant (assisting clients to build patent portfolios in various countries, monitor the patent layout of third parties and competitors in various countries, and handle patent infringement disputes in various countries);

Trademark consultant (assisting clients in building a portfolio of trademark assets in various countries, monitoring the layout of third-party trademarks in the commodity and service markets of various countries, and handling trademark registration disputes and trademark infringement disputes in various countries);

Financial commodity and service legal advisor (assisting clients in financial commodity and service legal consultation, drafting and reviewing financial commodity and service contracts, and handling financial commodity disputes);

Personal data protection legal advisor (assisting clients in legal consultation on personal data protection law, reviewing personal data protection law contracts, and handling disputes over personal data protection law);

As well as international legal affairs advisors, other advisory matters, etc.。