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Advisory Team

Cheng Wen-Zhong / Contract Consultant

Education: Doctor of Laws, University of Passau, Germany (2007), Master of Laws, Institute of Law, National Taiwan University (1999), Bachelor of Laws, Department of Law, National Taiwan University (1995).

Areas of expertise: criminal law, criminal procedure law, financial crime, international criminal law.

Experience: Adjunct Associate Professor of Law Department of Chinese Culture University, Adjunct Associate Professor of Law Institute of CITIC Financial Management College, Member of Human Rights Commission of the Ministry of the Interior, Adjunct Assistant Professor of General Studies Center of National Jinan International University, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Law Institute of Soochow University, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Social and Public Affairs, Taipei City University of Education, Deputy Secretary-General of Taiwan European Union Research Association, Member of Legal Research Group of Misjudged Trial Compensation Foundation, Examiner of Judicial Personnel Special Examination of Examination Department, Auditor of Taiwan Financial Research Institute Seminar lecture, consultant of Taoyuan Farmland Water Conservancy Association, director of Taoyuan Farmland Water Conservancy Development Foundation, member of the petition review committee of Miaoli County Government, independent director of Changhong Holding Company, and member of Taipei City Government Information Office.

Qualifications: Passed the Civil Service Higher Examination and the Landsman Examination.

Language: Chinese, Hakka, Hokkien, German.


Fu Shao-Ming/Senior Patent Consultant

Education: Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Master of Engineering, Institute of Mechanical Engineering, National Sun Yat-Sen University.

Experience: Foxconn Technology Group Carbon Nanotube Industrialization Related Businesses, Chairman of Shihua Technology, Chairman and General Manager of Tianjin Funa Yuanchuang Technology, Chairman and General Manager of Guizhou Funa Yuanchuang Technology, Foxconn Technology Group Wisdom Senior Property Engineer, Minister, Director of Intellectual Property Management Office.

Expertise: Actual operation of enterprise intellectual property system, operation of deep technology innovation, and independent intellectual property protection can assist enterprises in strategically deploying intellectual property according to the development trend of intellectual property at home and abroad, excavate core patents of subordinates, construct enterprise trade secret protection system, etc. At the same time, he has rich experience in commercializing and industrializing basic research of scientific innovation, and incubating many enterprises through basic innovation; efficient use of patent defense system, fully mobilizing intellectual property system resources and group procurement, marketing, R&D, and legal affairs. The seamless communication and cooperation of various links, effectively resist the relevant patent disputes from the patent giants in the industry, save a lot of licensing costs, and strategically use the group's patent resources to launch patent invalidation or infringement lawsuits against competitors, effectively defend and Develop the Group's competitive advantage.


Dr. Luo Jun-Xuan /Medical Law Consultant

Education: Bachelor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, and Bachelor of Laws, Department of Law, National Taiwan University.

Experience: Member of the New Taipei City Medical Association Regulations and Medical Policy Committee, member of the New Taipei City Medical Association Medical Dispute Committee.

Incumbent: Director of the New Taipei City Medical Association, Deputy Commissioner of the Public Relations Committee of the New Taipei City Medical Association, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the National Federation of Medical and Legal Think Tanks of the Republic of China Medical Association, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Federation of the National Medical Association of the Republic of China, Director of the Primary Medical Association of the Republic of China, The labor dispute arbitration committee of the Ministry of Labor of the Executive Yuan, the director of Riyang Technology Co., Ltd., and the supervisor of Taiwan Miner Hospital, a medical consortium legal person.

Professional qualifications: ROC physician, ROC psychiatrist, ROC sleep medicine specialist.


Fu, Rui-De / Marketing Management Consultant

Education: Master of Management, Baruch School of Business, City University of New York (1993).

Experience: 30 years of experience in technology and media publishing. In the corporate world, he has served as the marketing director of an electric vehicle system company, the marketing director of international technology brand products, the publishing director, and the magazine president. He also taught at Soochow University. In the past 20 years, he has been engaged in the work of marketing management consulting, providing marketing management, project execution, cultural conversion, multilingual copywriting counseling, and other services for Apple, Microsoft, VOLVO, Gogoro, and other companies. Currently, he is self-publishing electronic newspapers, is engaged in industry review and marketing writing strategy teaching; and in cooperation with Business Weekly Publications, Inc. editing and publishing a variety of business strategy books.

Areas of Expertise: Marketing, Public Relations, Organizational Management, Media Publishing, Editorial Writing.

Language: Hokkien, Chinese, English, Japanese.


Lin Bo-Jun Attorney/Consultant

Education: Master of Laws (LL.M) from Emory University, Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) from the University of La Verne, United States, dual bachelor's degrees in the Department of Law and the Department of Japanese Language and Literature from the Chinese Culture University.

Experience: Legal department of Delta Electronics Co., Ltd., Legal department of Cal-Comp Electronics & Communications Company Limited, and the Associate of the Laws.com Associate in the United States.

Professional Qualifications: Attorney of the State of New York, USA.

Expertise: review and drafting of business contracts, mergers and acquisitions cases, corporate governance-related cases, and compliance with overseas investment laws and regulations.

Language: Mandarin, English, Japanese.