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Managing Partner

Fan Kuo-Hua Leading Lawyer and Patent Attorney/Managing Partner                                                                                                                         范國華主持律師


Doctor of Intellectual Property Law, School of Civil and Commercial Law, China University of Political Science and Law (Beijing, China),

University of California, Berkeley, (LLM),

European Union Law Studies, King's College London, UK (UK),

Bachelor of Laws (LLB), College of Law, National Taiwan University.


GIGABYTE Technology Co., Ltd. Vice President & Chief Legal Counsel (New Taipei)

Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Law, National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University (Hsinchu)

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Institute of Science and Technology Law, National Tsinghua University (Hsinchu)

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Institute of Intellectual Property, Shih Hsin University (Taipei)

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Center for General Education, Datong University (Taipei)


Business legal consultation related to international trade:

Legal risk control and audit affairs of enterprise groups regarding global international trade, employment, business, investment, intellectual property rights, operations, etc.; leadership and management of the cross-border business, intellectual property rights, investment, tax negotiation, arbitration, and litigation. Strategic planning and special projects Execution; strategic planning and execution of business, intellectual property rights, investment, tax negotiations, arbitration, and litigation between Taiwan and mainland China; design, management, and maintenance of various operational processes for global legal affairs and intellectual property rights of enterprise groups; various types of Taiwan and mainland China Consulting and handling of legal affairs; legal affairs, patents, trademarks, licensing management software system planning.

Global intellectual property rights layout and maintenance:

Patent layout strategy, patent application, patent authorization, patent infringement litigation, US patent litigation strategy, and management, European patent litigation and management, Chinese patent litigation and management, trademark global layout strategy, trademark portfolio application strategy, trademark application, trademark authorization, Trademark infringement litigation, technology trademark layout strategy, trademark litigation, handling of trademark disputes in various countries, copyright authorization, copyright infringement litigation;

Intellectual property business layout and education and training of international trade and business law, legal affairs and management system establishment and introduction of patent and trademark affairs

Estate planning, equity planning, intellectual property layout, and establishment of business contract templates for start-up companies.

Major inventions:

Inventor of the "High heat dissipation multilayer circuit board and its manufacturing method" (Taiwan, China, the United States)


ROC Attorney/Patent Attorney/Trademark Attorney (Taiwan, Republic of China)

International Community:

Taipei/Hsinchu/Taoyuan/Kaohsiung Bar Association members,

Member of Chinese Corporate Governance Association (CGA) (Taipei, Taiwan),

Member of the Taiwan Association of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association (Taipei),

Member Representative of Quality Brand Protection Committee (QBPC) (Beijing, China) of China Association for Foreign Investment,

Associate Member of ABA Associate Member (New York, USA),

Member of the American Corporate Legal Association (ACC) (New York, USA),

Member of the American Patent Attorneys Association,

Member of the International Bar Association (IBA) (London, UK),

Member of the Pan Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) (Tokyo, Japan),

Member of the International Trademark Association (INTA) (London, UK).

Types of major cases handled:

Patent Litigation, Patent Licensing, Trademark Infringement Litigation, Trademark Rights Disputes, Counterfeiting Cases, Domain Name Disputes, Copyright Infringement, E-commerce, Foreign Direct Investment, Joint Venture, M&A and Technology Stock Planning, Supply Chain Business Contract Planning, Listed Counter Lawyer Opinion, loan lawsuits in various countries, bankruptcy and liquidation of companies in various countries, biotechnology, and land joint construction cases.