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Founding Idea

Founding Idea

"Zoomlaw attorneys at law" was founded in 2006 by the leading lawyer, Dr. Fan Kuo-hua. Dr. Fan has long served as the Vice President & Chief Legal Counsel of the global operation center of a large multinational technology company, and the director of Zoomlaw attorneys at law. With many years of experience in international business law and multinational intellectual property rights protection, he hopes to be a small and medium-sized enterprise in Taiwan. Do your best. As the Vice President & Chief Legal Counsel of a multinational company, he traveled to more than 45 countries in the world to establish and improve the trademark layout for the company and has rich experience in disputes such as multinational intellectual property protection and contract personnel.

The English name of "ZOOMLAW", is a homophonic word created by our firm. ZOOM is the zoom in and out of the camera lens, and it also means rapid movement. When ZOOM and LAW merge together, the meaning of "ZOOMLAW" is to respond quickly, examine legal norms from different perspectives from micro to macro, and grasp the changes in the law. Legal practitioners cannot simply accept the written provisions of the established laws, but should constantly re-examine whether the legal norms are up to date, whether they are in line with the spirit of the law, and the purpose of protecting the rights and interests of the people. It follows the law but does not rule out the possibility of free development due to the limitations of the law. This is the concept of "Zoomlaw".

The professional team of Zoomlaw includes three major fields: law, trademark, and patent; its young lawyers, senior patent attorneys, and patent engineers have professional backgrounds in various fields, whether it is high-tech industry or general small and medium-sized enterprises, including multinational litigation management, business law Consulting, intellectual property application, layout, and rights protection can all meet their legal counseling needs.

Lawyer Fan, who is known for his "aggressiveness" and "arrogance" in the industry, leads the team to consider and explore the real legal needs of clients from a corporate perspective, and tailor the spear and shield of legality for clients, so as to defeat the enemy first.

Zoomlaw® branding

Zoom(「眾」): The earliest in oracle bone inscriptions consisted of three characters "人" (accompanying, gregarious) + "太陽" (sun). This image was transformed into the image of "mountain"(「山」), and the horizontal "eye" (「眼」)in traditional Chinese characters was preserved. The word, combined with the fan-shaped window frame, emphasizes that ZOOM-LAW means zooming in/out to view the current law.

Law(「律」): Take the line structure of the glyph itself and transform it into the image of the river.

Water nourishes all things and is out of nature. Water is soft and weak, but it can reach everything without fear. Water is sharp, and even a drop of water can penetrate a stone. Water is not afraid, even if it falls into an abyss. Zoomlaw adheres to the principle of reconciling all things like a mountain; the agility of water is like water, helping clients to understand the development of business affairs. The founding lawyers of Zoomlaw believe that as legal persons, they do not stick to the written provisions of the current law, and they follow the law but are not limited by the law. What they help clients to achieve is not a zero-sum game, but try to find a compromise between each other's best interests.